United States to provide $50,000 for flood victims

Kathmandu, August 20:

In response to a request from US Ambassador Nancy J Powell, USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) today authorised immediate release of $50,000 for providing emergency relief supplies to flood victims of eastern Nepal.

According to a press release issued by US embassy, Save the Children, in partnership with the Nepal Red Cross Society, will use the US disaster assistance fund for purchase and transport of relief supplies, including blankets and shelter for displaced Nepalis in the floods.

The Nepal Red Cross Society and Save the Children have started distributing emergency relief supplies pre-positioned for disaster relief by Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance.

By using the United States disaster assistance funds for local procurement, relief officials can quickly get the most urgently needed supplies to the needy people, the release said.

“The key is speed and flexibility in meeting the immediate relief needs of the villagers,” a USAID official said, adding, “This money will help us provide immediate help to the people in Sunsari.”

The United States is prepared to provide additional assistance, according to the USAID official.