UNMIN’s western office shut

Pokhara, July 11:

The United Mission in Nepal closed its Pokhara-based western regional office today. It may be noted that the UNMIN has already closed its offices based in the far-west and mid-west.

Announcing the closure of the office, UNMIN chief Ian Martin thanked Nepali staffers for their cooperation. The office set up 15 months ago had a total of 68 staffers, including 43 Nepalis. Martin expressed worries over the failure of political parties to form a new government.

He called for the formation of a new government through a due democratic process and early holding of local elections. “The political parties face the challenge of choosing the type of federal system suitable for Nepal,” he said.

The UNMIN chief urged the government to bring Tarai-based agitating armed groups to a peaceful path and called the armed groups not to infringe on people’s rights.

Martin said he would soon brief the UN Security Council on the peace process in Nepal.

The UNMIN chief urged the political parties to address the problems of victims of Jana Andolan II.

Commenting on fuel and food shortages in Nepal, he said these are common problems of all Nepalis and they should work together to resolve them.