Unruly jailbirds to be transferred

ITAHARI: District Administration Office (DAO) in Sunsari is preparing to transfer more than 13 inmates from

the regional jail following frequent clashes between two warring groups of inmates and worsening security conditions of the prison.

According to a source at DAO, Sunsari, the administration is planning to transfer the leaders of both the groupswho were involved in a recent clash in the jail.

Included in the transfer list are those who were

allegedly involved in

the trade of contrabands and the leaders of the

rival factions.

The source informed that leader of internal

administration Tiger Rai and his followers Sanubabu Rajbansi, Krishnasingh Danuwar, Subash Tamang, Dipak Rai, and Nimang Rai are in the list. Janju Shrestha, Ajaya Rai, Baidhyanath Pandit, Subash Rai, Shankar Magar, Badal Tamang, Raj Kumar Tamang including others of the rival group will also be transferred. They will be transferred to jails in different districts -Morang, Udayapur,

Siraha, and Birjung-as

per the convenience, the source said.

The source added that the jail recommended the names of those to be transferred and sent a

letter to Chief District Officer Ram Prasad Thapaliya. As per the provision, the CDO should send a letter to the Department of Jail Management and the inmates will be transferred after an approval from the department.