Upcoming elections are in reality a referendum: Minister Pandey

Chitwan, November 16

Forest and Soil Conservation Minister Bikram Pandey has likened the upcoming elections to a referendum that will determine the nation’s future course.

“They are called parliamentary and provincial elections but are no less than a referendum in effect, which will decide whether the country will take a democratic or communist course now onwards,” said Pandey, calling for unity among all to preserve the constitution.

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Democratic vice-chairperson was speaking at an interaction organised by Nepal Ex-soldiers Association Chitwan in Gitanagar of West Chitwan. Pandey, a democratic alliance candidate contesting for the parliament from Constituency No 3, is facing CPN-MC heavyweight and former revolutionary leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Pandey accused the Maoist honcho of aspiring to win the election by buying votes. “He may hope to win by buying off voters, but let me make it clear that voters here are not goats imported from China, which can be bought by paying a few bucks,” he quipped, calling the voters to use their discretion while casting their votes.

“Apparently he (Dahal) lacked the courage to run from the previous constituency and took to Chitwan with a plan to eke out victory at all cost, but this is no place for an opportunist like him,” he reasoned. “He used Congress to land his daughter the mayorship earlier and is using the UML ladder now to scramble to the PM’s chair this time around.”

Pandey identified himself as an honest and straightforward leader. “I’m honest and that is my asset. My only dream is the development of  Chitwan,” he said.