Upendra Yadav for joint movement against govt

KATHMANDU: Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav appealed to indigenous Janajatis and Madhesis to fight together against the government.

Yadav was of the view that a strong movement should be launched against the government for it denied identity and rights to Madhesis, Janajatis, Tharus, Dalits, women, Muslims and other marginalised groups.

Yadav was speaking at an interaction in Hong Kong, organised by Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities in memory of country’s first martyr Lakhan Thapa Magar, on Sunday.

"Madhesis and Janajati communities have similar experiences of suppression, problems and pain as well as demands," he said, "Both communities must come together in the ongoing struggle against discrimination and suppression."

Yadav, meanwhile, maintained that he was for strengthening national unity and integrity by joining hands between mountains, heels and plains.

Lakhan Thapa Magar was killed in 1877 for revolting against the autocratic Rana regime.

Yadav is scheduled to return to Kathmandu on February 16.