Upendra Yadav stresses on implementation of past pacts, says 7-point demand not of UDMF

BIRATNAGAR: Chairman of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Upendra Yadav, has said that the government should take a concrete step to create environment conducive for talks.

At a news conference organised at his residence in Biratnagar on Saturday, he reiterated that the Nepal Army and Armed Police Force personnel deployed at different places in Tarai should be withdrawn for a favourable atmosphere for talks, as political problems are settled through political process.

Stating that the new Constitution, which failed to incorporate all, would not be acceptable at any cost, Chairman Yadav said, "The government should make a clear view whether or not to implement the past agreements signed with Madhesis, indigenous nationalities, women and Dalits."

He clarified that the seven-point demand which was said to be presented for the amendment in the new Constitution, was not the demand of the United Democratic Madhesi Front. Chairman Yadav said, "The demands are put forth during talks and we have not yet sat down for a dialogue with the government."

Responding to a query, FSFN Chairman Yadav said that the agitating parties could sit for talks with government within a few days if the government takes a concrete step. He expressed the view that the suggestions and advice given by a neighbouring country should be taken in a positive way, saying Nepalis themselves should resolve the internal problems.

Chairman Yadav said the act of burning flags of China and India as well as effigy of Indian leaders was condemnable.