Pokhara, February 20

Urologist surgeons’ international conclave is scheduled to kick off in Pokhara from tomorrow.

According to Dr Dhrub Bahadur Adhikari, member of the Conclave Organising Committee, more than 200 urologists from different countries will participate in the three-day event organised by Nepal Association of Urological Surgeons.

Day 1 of the conclave will focus on ‘female urology and future prospects’, a practical workshop will be held at Manipal Medical College.

“On the first day, urologists and urogynaecologists will present papers. Similarly there will be discussions and sharing of experience on preventive measures for urinary incontinence seen in women and modern surgical methods,” said association Chairperson Dr Chandra Shekhar Agrawal.

Papers and lectures related to urology will be presented on the second and the third days.

“Most women have urine-related problems, which can be ascribed to a number of reasons including the tendency to become mother at an early age, bear many kids and prefer to bear kids at home. So the conclave will focus on finding solution to these commonly seen problems,” said the association general secretary Dr Pawanraj Chalise.

The conclave will have experts from countries such as India, China, the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The association established about 14 years ago has some 103 members.