Uterine prolapse rampant in Jajarkot

Jajarkot, February 8 :

The majority of the women in Jajarkot district is suffering from uterine prolapse.

The problem persists on a massive scale, according to the district health office at Jajarkot.

According to the chief of the District Health Office, Dr Iswor Upadhayaya, the problem of uterine prolapse was noticed in more than 40 women who visited the health camp that was organised by the health office in Dashera Village Development Committee in the western part of the district.

While pointing out the risks associated with the problem of uterine prolapse, Dr Upadhayaya said, “There is the strong likelihood of finding prolapse case in at least one woman in every household of the district, on an average. The situation is difficult to tackle because the women tend to hide their problem both because of shyness and the existing social traditions.”

He warned that if kept hidden, the problem could aggravate into a killer disease like cancer, adding that women suffering from uterine prolapse should seek treatment at the earliest.