Vacancies galore at DNPWC

KATHMANDU: Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) under the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) has been through tough times for carrying out its day-to-day operations as one-fourth of its positions are lying vacant since long.

Some positions, specially of the lower rung staff, have gone unfilled as long as for four years.

“Of the total 1,159 staffs at DNPWC, only 870 are serving now. The vacant 289 positions, which were created after the staffs quitted their job for various reasons, are yet to be filled,” said Shivaraj Bhatta, DNPWC spokesperson.

According to Bhatta, low-level staffs as the guards, mahouts and other elephant handlers have not been recruited for over four years and the senior officers have not been recruited by the Public Service Commission (PSC) from the past two years. “We’re facing problems for day-to-day operation in different national parks and here as well,” Bhatta added.

He also revealed that acting wardens have been handling the works in five of the nine national parks in the country: Sagarmatha, Khaptad, Shey Phoksundo, Suklaphanta and Shivapuri, “since we don’t have the appropriate officers to appoint in the post.”

The department has the right to appoint low level staffs like the mahouts with the permission of Ministry of General Administration. While, high ranking officers are recruited through the procedure of PSC.

When asked, Gopal Prasad Upadhaya, director general at DNPWC, said that they completed necessary recruitment process and waiting for concerned authorities’ consent. “The ball is in the court of MoFSC and PSC. I hope that the recruitment will be made soon.” “It’s urgent but the government procedure is lengthy and the Public Service Commission recruits the employees twice a year,” said Bhatta.

No move to fill the slots

Offices total positions vacant posts

DNPWC head office 41 10

National Park 555 118

Wildlife Reserve 52 26

Elephant Handlers 251 56

Poaching control station 160 79

Total 1,159 289