Kakadvitta (Jhapa), February 17

Vaccination was not responsible for the death of an infant in the district, according to an investigation report made public today.

A two-month old child from Shantinagar-1 in the district had died three days after he was administered regular vaccines on January 19.

The District Public Health Office, Jhapa had to halt the vaccination programme after the locals blamed vaccination for the child’s death.

A probe team comprising representatives of the World Health Organization and Department of Health Services released the report. The report has mentioned that the child died from ‘haemorrhagic disease’ and not from vaccine.

The team of the international and national specialists had prepared the report after carrying out investigation for three weeks. The team was led by representative of Damak-based office of the WHO, Dr Pasang Rai.

Regular vaccinations including BCG were administrated to two-month son of Dal Bahadur Rai of Shantinagar-5 on January 19. The child, who suffered excessive bleeding soon after administrating the vaccine, died after three days.

Chief at the District Public Health Office, Jhapa, Chandradev Mehata, said, “It was only a coincidence as the child had been suffering from the ‘haemorrhagic disease’.