Valley denizens pin hopes on new government

Kathmandu, August 11:

The election of a new Prime Minister on Friday is expected to bring a sigh of relief to the common people, long weary of a deadlocked political process. The citizenry seems to care little about the shape, size or colour of the government-to-be, but just desires to see the process rolling.

“A change will give a sense of respite to the ordinary public,” said Jagdish Poudel from Chabahil. “A new government should have taken office long ago, right after the Constituent Assembly election.”

Like Poudel, even the people’s representatives have started sounding their irritation and their patience is wearing thin. Law and order has collapsed and bureaucracy is in a mess, CA member Chandra Prakash Mainali told the Zero Hour of the Parliament today.

Even as there’s a government in place, the denizens wonder whether it could deliver goods to the people or stand up to its political mandate: Writing a new constitution and taking the peace process to a logical conclusion.

“The political parties lack coordination and mutual trust,” reasoned Sanu Maharjan, a BA third year student of economics at Ratna Rajya Laxmi College. “That we are finally going to have a government is something positive to look forward to,” the 20-year-old said.

No matter how the parties form the government, they should stand united for some time, according to Keshav Suwal from Bhaktapur. “The constitution cannot be framed in the absence of political consensus,” said the 35-year-old.

The concerns are reasonable and the wish-list simple. The new government should control rising prices and adequately supply basic commodities like fuel. “The shortage of essentials bothers the people most,” said Sanu.

A change of guard brings hope for a better tomorrow, but the city dwellers are not sure that things will fall into place and go the way they wish.

“What have they done since 1991?” asked Krishna Thapa from Godavari. “They should at least not fight for power as they did in the past.”

Suwal hoped the government would dispose of the garbage properly.