Varsity teachers’ body to oppose amendment to education laws

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 2:

President of the Nepal University Teachers’ Association (NUTA), professor Bhupati Dhakal, said at a press conference today that the teachers would protest against any kind of amendment to the educational regulations through the promulgation of ordinance. “We strongly oppose any sort of amendment to educational regulations through ordinance,” the NUTA president said, responding to reporters’ queries on nationalist curriculum. He added that the teachers were against the proposed amendment in the press laws. He urged the government to divert the budget earmarked to purchase ammunition to the education sector.

“Since intellectual freedom is impossible without democracy, we need to fight for the restoration of democracy,” said Nepal University Teachers’ Association general secretary Rameswor Upadhyay at the conference, which was organised to publicise the conclusion of discussions organised throughout the country on the political crisis that emerged after the February 1 royal move. The NUTA has appealed to both the conflicting parties and the political parties to find a way out of the political crisis. Apart from urging the parties to make their agendas public, the NUTA has demanded the Maoists to come up with their agendas for talks. The release has called on the King to return the executive power to the people’s representatives.