VDC offices to be shifted

Bardiya, November 23:

All government offices, including VDC offices, which were shifted to the headquarters Gulariya due to armed conflict, will now be relocated to their respective places.

According to the District Development Committee, Bardiya, out of 31 VDC offices, 28 have opened up liaison offices Gularia and 9 government offices including Area Administration Office of Rajapur across Karnali were also shifted to Gularia.

DDC Chairman, Pramod Bikram Rana, said all the government offices centered at the headquarters are to be relocated to improve the security situation of the region and facilitate the villagers.

Rana said security officials have assured to provide security to the offices, given they (offices) are relocated within 200 metres from the security base camp.

He added, “We have also pleaded the Home Ministry for this matter, let’s await the results.’

Rana said the Area Administration Office, Agriculture Development Bank, Nepal Bank

Limited, District Irrigation, Agriculture Inputs Corporation, Urban Development and Building Construction, Main Custom Office and 19 VDC offices of Rajapur will be reestablished near Rajapur Security Base Camp.

Similarly, the offices of Thakurdwara, Shivpur, Suryapatuwa, Neulapur and Bagnaha VDCs will be established near Ranasher Battalion of the Royal Nepalese Army situated at Thakurdwara and offices of Magaragadhi, Dhadhwar, Deudakala, Belwa and Motipur VDCs will be reestablished near Rambhapur Security Base Camp, Rana said.