VDC secretaries continue to play truant

Rautahat, November 25

Although VDC secretaries in Rautahat were provided with two-wheelers to ensure that they report to their workstations on time, they have still failed to do so, upsetting service seekers.

Budget from other development projects was used to provide two-wheelers for secretaries of 75 of the 84 VDCs in the district. However, the secretaries have now started running offices from rented rooms in the district headquarters instead of reporting to their workstations.

The government had issued a directive to VDC secretaries, asking them to report to their stations.

Ghuna Pandit, a local from Matsari, complained locals had to wait for days to meet with their VDC secretary. He accused the concerned agencies of not punishing the truant secretaries.

Local Development Officer Umesh Basnet admitted that despite repeated directives, secretaries were unwilling to report to their workstations. He pledged to take action against them.

Ramlal Das of Gangapira VDC said all VDCs had procured laptops for secretaries but the latter had been using the laptops for personal purposes.