VDC secys overburdened

MYAGDI: The posts of VDC secretaries in

14 out of 41 VDCs in the district have been lying vacant for long. Dayaram Poudel, a VDC secretary, cannot spare time even for

lunch during office hours as he

has to take charge of Kuinemangale and Piple VDCs. “Service seekers from two VDCs come with

their problems so I cannot go for lunch,” he said.

Nagendra Prasad Gautam, who looks after Dagnam and Chimkhola VDCs also shares a similar plight. He lamented, “It is hard to attend all service seekers,” adding, “I

prepare 20 to 30 recommendation letters daily.” The District Development Committee has given

responsibilities of two VDCs to every secretary. Dilli Ram Sharma, secretary, Kuhu VDC, said that

service seekers had been facing problems in all VDCs. Service seekers frequently complain of delayed service.

According to the DDC, the posts of secretaries in Malkabang, Gurja, Devisthan, Niskot, Rum, Dana, Ghar, Dangnam, Bhawati, Kuinemangale, Patlekhet, Pakhapani, Narchyang and Ramche VDCs are lying vacant.

Meanwhile, Damodar Rijal, general secretary, VDC secretaries Rights Protection Centre, said

the secretaries could take extra

allowance for additional work

after approval from the Village Council meeting.

However, Subash Kumar Lamichhane, administrative officer, DDC, put the blame on the Public Service Commission for not appointing the VDC secretaries.