VDCs’ documents, furniture torched

Bhojpur, July 8:

The Kirant Janabadi Workers Party (KJWP) has intensified its activities in the eastern region hilly district of Bhojpur district.

Today the party workers torched the furniture and documents of three VDCs in the southern part of the district, including Bhu, Wajing Tharpu and Thidkinkha VDCs, the Bhojpur District Police Office said.

They set fire to the office of Bhu VDC to protest against establishment of Armed Police Force base camp there during the April 10 Constituent Assembly elections, the KJWP source said.

The KJWP workers scattered pamphlets after arson. The pamphlets state that KJWP workers were forced to resort to vandalism and arson, as VDC secretaries did not attend their offices regularly and were involved in irregular activities, police said.

The KJWP has already destroyed documents in six other VDCs in the district.