Veep for conflict-free education places

POKHARA: Vice-President Parmananda Jha today said that education sector should be declared a ‘peace zone’.

Speaking at an inaugural programme of Third National Council of Nepal Teachers’ Union National Committee here, Jha opined that educational institutions should be free from all kind of conflicts.

‘’Education sector is connected to children’s future so it should be declared peace zone,” he added.

Arguing that the present education system needed an overhaul in improving the quality of education imparted in government schools and to compete with international providers, he advised education department to devise educational policy and programme as per the exigency of time.

The ceaseless flow of students going abroad for education would stop if they get quality education in the country, he said.

He also advised teachers to be responsible towards students’ future.

‘’Training should be conducted for teachers if required,’’ he said.

State Minister for education Govinda Chaudhari was also present on the occasion.

Around 300 teachers are taking part in the meeting, which is expected to make decisions over issues ranging from education problems to teacher demand.