Veep for Hindu state

DHANGADHI: Vice-president Parmananda Jha today said that Nepal could be restored as a Hindu state in the new statute if majority of Nepalese demanded and desired so.

Talking to media persons in Dhangadi after his arrival from Haridwar, India, Jha said that he too aspired for the revival of Hindu state as he was an ardent follower of Hinduism.

“If Nepalese people want a Hindu state, their demand has to be incorporated in the new constitution,” Jha added.

Expressing concerns over the differences among key political parties, Jha said, “With the deadline for promulgating the new constitution approaching, consensus and understanding among the parties is getting slimmer. This is a bad omen.”

Stating that the UCPN-Maoists’ wish to form a government is natural and legitimate as it is the single largest party in the Constituent Assembly, Jha urged the Maoist to follow legal procedure in accomplishing the task of constituting the government under its leadership.