Vehicular movement along Karnali Highway obstructed since last week

KARNALI: Flood and landslides along the Karnali highway have obstructed vehicular movement since last week. 

Heavy rainfall-triggered floods and landslides have obstructed the highway in several locations. 

Mudslips in more than a dozen of locations including Dahikhola, Kalekhola, Jitegad, Hulma, Molfa, Pili, Serabada, Chaukhola, Takulla etc. have blocked traffic, said Chief of Kalikot District Police Office, DSP Shyam Oliya. 

Efforts are on to clear the highway. 

The obstruction of the highway is an annual affair every monsoon. And if the highway is not upgraded along with the construction of bridges over the rivers along the highway, this will continue, said Kailali vegetable entrepreneur Thamma Prasad Acharya. 

All the three tiers of government should address this concern of the Karnali people, he added.

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