Vehicular movement halted as highway develops crack

JAJARKOT: The Mid-hill Highway, which was  constructed just five years ago, has developed potholes and cracks along the Jajarkot road section disrupting the vehicular movement.

"Millions of rupees have been spent on the road construction, but it lacks quality resulting in the damage," complained a local resident Atal Acharya.

"Use of substandard construction materials and landslides are to be  blamed for the pathetic situation of the road. "

Denied transportation, the locals of Kudur Jagatipur have demanded repair of the road and resumption of  transport, along the 92-kilometre road that runs from Kudude in Dailekh to Jajarkot border.

Acharya said they have submitted a written application to the Department of Roads, local levels and contractor for the repairment at the earliest.

Shuvaraj Neupane, Senior Division Engineer for the Project Office in Dang said, "Efforts have started to repair and upgrade the roads."

Neupane said, "A tender will be announced within February 15 to expand and blacktop the road, and drainage pipes will also be laid."