Victims displaced by deluge facing difficult time

Jhapa, July 26

As the rain continues to batter the nation, it has added to the woes of families displaced by floods in the local rivers of Jhapa.

Flood-displaced families are taking refuge with their neighbours and relatives, at local schools, bazaars, temples and the likes. In view of the incessant rainfall, some have been moved to safer places now.

According to DSP Hari Bahadur Sharma, flood victims from Bhadrapur to Pathamari have been moved to safer places taking into account the incessant rainfall and the rising water level in the Mechi river.

Earlier, the flooded river had displaced around 80 households of a squatter’s settlement near Hanuman Temple in Bhadrapur municipality-5. Over 200 people and their chattels were shifted to Bhadrapur Higher Secondary School building.

Likewise, 622 persons of 123 families of Bhadrapur Municipality-1 were displaced after the flooded Mechi river submerged Bhaisabadi Tole. They were shifted to Prithvinagar-based Himali Higher Secondary School and Himali bazaar.

Meanwhile, a temporary levee has been built at the flood-prone area after the flooded Ratuwakhola River started encroaching its banks in Damak and Lakhanpur.

After the flooded river posed a threat to the Jharkaha settlement in Lakhanpur-9, security personnel with the help of locals constructed a temporary levee today.

Dozens of houses in Damak-1, 12 and 19 are at risk of flood from the Ratuwakhola.

As per data with Nepal Red Cross Society Jhapa, 56 families of Sharanamati, Khajurgachhi and Jyamiregadi VDCs have been displaced. While one house was completely damaged and 55 received minor damage.