Village couple fined for violating social norm

Bara, July 24

Locals in a village in Bara fined a man, Dinesh Giri, 26, of Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan, Rs 1 lakh and a woman with Rs 50,000 after they were accused of establishing illicit relationship in the village.

A meeting held among locals on Friday had decided to fine Dinesh and the woman. The accused Dinesh said he was forced to pay the fine after locals threatened him. Dinesh had denied the villagers’ accusation.

A local, Rasulajam Ansari, said the rumour about their illicit relationship had spread in the village for long. “We caught them red-handed and fined them for their illegal act in the community,” he added.

Raju Giri, another local, said such illegal activity violating societal norms and values was not tolerable. “Abiding by societal norms and values was necessary and society is bigger than any other institution in the village,” he added.

Dinesh’s mother Radhika said the villagers compelled them to pay the fine amount by terrorising them.

“The villages threatened to set fire to the house and exiled us from the village,” she said, adding, “It was a conspiracy to defame our family in the village.”

Meanwhile, District Police Office, Bara said the police was unaware about the incident. Police said the community could intervene to make people aware in such cases but they do not have the right to fine anyone.