Villagers pave way for development

SUNDARPUR: Residents of Sundarpur VDC in Morang district have set an example by initiating the task to expand and construct a 7-km road linking various wards on their own.

The villagers have embarked on their noble goal of connecting parts of the VDC after their pleas to the government bodies went unheeded. According to Chandramani Guragain, chairman, Hasina Simsar Road Expansion and Construction Committee, the locals have proceeded with the construction after collecting between Rs 200 and 3000 from each household. The total cost of the trail will be around Rs 800,000. The villagers also have a scheme to develop and promote Hasina wetlands as a tourist hub after constructing the road. Guragain said, "We want to publicise the area as a tourist destination.” The locals a belief that development works carried out by the people would be sustainable. He further said that they had demanded for some funds from the District Development Committee but in vain.