Viral fever patients up in Dhading, Sindhuli

Dhading/Sindhuli, August 28

The number of patients suffering from viral fever has gone up in Dhading and Sindhuli districts of late.

Most of the patients visiting government health facilities and private clinics complain of high fever. Diarrhoea, common cold and other stomach related problems are also common among patients.

Health workers said the recent floods had contaminated almost all the water sources and this had given rise to health issues among people of these districts. Dr Krishna Lal Upreti at District Hospital, Dhading, said health problems were mainly caused by polluted water. He advised people to drink boiled water to prevent water borne diseases.

Dr Upreti also informed that fever was rampant among children. “Of the total number of patients reaching hospital, around 20 per cent are children,” he said, adding that common cold and cough were not the only responsible factors causing fever. “Polluted environment and dust can also cause fever,” he said. Dr Upreti advised people to use masks. As many as 400 patients received treatment at the District Hospital in Dhading last week and some patients received treatment in private clinics as well.

Similarly, patients, who reached Sindhuli District Hospital were also found to be suffering from viral fever. Earlier, 30 to 40 patients used to reach the hospital on a daily basis, but now more than 300 patients reach the hospital every day complaining of fever.

Dr Sumitra Gautam at the hospital informed that many of the patients suffering from viral fever were children below five years. She added that body ache, sneezing, running noses, cough, fever and loss of appetite were the main symptoms of viral fever. She further advised people to eat fresh food, drink boiled water and stay away from dust and pollution.