Visually impaired get audio books

DHANKUTA: Visually impaired students of Dhankuta have been benefited by audio textbooks, thanks to efforts of local youths, who took the initiation.

The audio books of grade twelve prepared by nine youths associated with an NGO, Youth Participation, were handed over to five students of Gokundeshwor Higher Secondary School in Dhankuta Bazaar, Today.

District Education Officer Jhum Prasad Rai handed over the audio books to Sundar Limbu, Mana Kumar Limbu, Bhimmaya Rai, Laxmi Darji and Phulmaya Rai. DEO Rai applauded the initiation of the youths. Sundar Limbu of grade 12 was elated when he got the audio books. Mahananda Pokharel, Principal of Gokundeshwor Higher Secondary School said that the audio books would benefit the visually impaired students.

Meanwhile, Bijaya Deban, coordinator of the organisation, said it took them one year to prepare the textbooks. “Within next one year we plan to prepare audio books of grade 11 and Bachelors level,” he said. Along with the audio books, the students were also given MP3 player, chargers, batteries and essential software CDs. The students will have to return them all to the school as they complete their studies though. Kiran Rai, a member of the organisation said that they could make the audio books available to others too.