Votes being counted in Bishnupur Rural Municipality in Saptari district, on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. Photo: Byas Shankar Upadhyay

RAJBIRAJ: Of the total 18 local units in Saptari district, the vote counting is underway in 17 local bodies from Tuesday, District Election Office said.

However, the vote counting of Rajbiraj Municipality is yet to resume.

The Election Office is preparing to count the votes of Rajbiraj Municipality on Friday.

Earlier, Rastriya Janata Party Nepal candidate for ward chairman Mahantha Yadav died of cardiac arrest on September 16 prompting to postpone the elections of the Rajbiraj-15.

The elections of that ward will be held on Thursday, according to Election Office.

As per the preliminary report, RJPN has taken lead in 3 local bodies, Federal Socialist Forum in 2 local units, Nepali Congress in 2 local bodies followed by UML in 2 local units.

UML Narayan Kumar Acharya was elected as ward chairman and his panel won in Saptakoshi Municipality-1.

UML Mayoral candidate Uttam Sharma is leading with 595 votes to his closest rival of CPN-Maoist Centre Dhruba Karki with 279 votes in Saptakoshi Municipality.

Similarly, Nepali Congress Mayoral candidate Kiran Bhagat is leading with 276 votes to his closest rival of RJPN Nanu Chadhary with 171 votes in Khadak Municipality.

RJPN candidate Satish Singh is leading with 458 votes in Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality in the district followed by NC Arun Mandal with 320 votes.

Likewise, in Krishnasavaran Rural Municipality RJPN Satya Narayan Chaudhary is leading with 135 votes to NC Parsuram Chaudhary 125 votes.

In Bishnupur Rural Municipality, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal candidate Umesh Yadav is leading with 350 votes to independent candidate Surendra Yadav with 240 votes.

Surunga Municipality mayoral candidate UML Ram Narayan Chaudhary has bagged 142 votes to his closest NC rival Mukti Nath Chaudhary's 55 votes.

Hanumannagar Kankalani Municipality mayoral candidate of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Birendra Majhi is leading with 101 votes to his closest rival of RJPN Sailesh Sah with 90 votes.

District Election Office Chief Mahesh Thakur said the results of all the 18 local units in the district would be announced within five days.

Meanwhile, the security has been tightened up around the vote counting centres in the district.

At least 5-10% of votes were found to be disqualified citing ineffective voters education programmes run in the area, according to District Election Office.