Voters’ education plan a ‘failure’

Kapilvastu, April 16:

The monitoring of vote counting has shown that the voters’ education programme in Kapilvastu district was not up to the mark.

“The voters were found to have used thumb print on ballot papers instead of using election seal and many of them used the election seal on several election symbols, while others used it in between the two election symbols,” election officer Lekhnath Regmi said.

Five per cent to seven per cent of the votes cast were declared invalid under the FPTP system, while the rate is two per cent to four per cent under the PR system.

A report from Kathmandu said the Election Commission has so far received three preliminary reports, out of a total of 148 from national observation organisations, on the CA election process.

The reports have come from the National Election Observation Committee, Democracy and Election Alliance Nepal and Constituent Assembly Election Observation Joint Forum, said an official at the Election Commission. But he refused to give hints of the contents of the reports.