War-torn VDC offices await repair

Kalikot, December 4:

The VDC secretaries have been compelled to function as mobile offices due to lack of buildings.

Trouble had started during the decade-long conflict when the Maoists had destroyed office buildings, which are yet to be reconstructed. The ex-rebels had demolished offices in as many as 30 VDCs in the district during their armed rebellion. “We are forced to carry all the documents in our bags. The authorities are yet to reconstruct a single office,” said Ram Bahadur Bista, secretary, Pankha VDC.

Satya Bahadur Shahi, former vice-chairman, District Development Committee (DDC), blamed the DDC for the sorry state of affairs.

“The Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction has allocating funds for reconstruction. But the sum is yet to be disbursed due to the callousness of DDC officials,” alleged Shahi.

Local Development Officer (LDO) Yam Lal Adhikari said he had ordered the VDC secretaries to visit their respective villages regularly.

Allegations are flying thick and fast about poor culture among VDC sectaries. The LDO attributed the laxity to “growing political pressure”.