Ward office without building in Siraha

Siraha, July 17

The office of Ward No 11 of Karjanha Municipality in Siraha is being run in the open for want of infrastructure.

The ward office has been facing a hard time due to space crunch after the municipality office was set up at the then Karjanha VDC office.

“As the municipality office does not have a separate structure, it is operating from the office of Ward No 11,” said ward Chair Kapil Dev Yadav.

The municipality office was set up in a rented structure soon after the local level election, but the people’s representatives had refused to operate the office from there. “Thus, we have no option but to deliver services of the ward from an open chautara due to space crunch in the municipality office,” said Chair Yadav.

Ward Secretary Hom Kumari Basnet said it has become a challenge to serve in the open. “There is no space in the municipality office. Hence, we have been running the ward office by setting up chairs and tables in the open because the people’s representatives refused to use a rented structure for the municipality office,” said she, adding that service delivery had been hit hard, especially in the monsoon.