Washed away rhino being brought to CNP from Susta

Chitwan, December 16

A rhino swept to India by flood last year is being brought to Chitwan National Park from Nepal’s Susta area.

A team deployed from CNP took the rhino under control after the wild beast came to Susta, and preparations are under way to bring it to CNP.

Information Officer at CNP Gopal Ghimire said locals spotted the beast in a sugarcane field in Susta Rural Municiplaity two days ago and had stopped the rhino from going to the Indian side. The female rhino of around 20 years was cordoned off by tractors and elephants. The CNP team darted the rhino and is transferring it to CNP in a truck.  The rhino is expected to arrive at the park by midnight today.

CNP Chief Protection Officer Bed Kumar Dhakal said the rhino would be set free at the area nearby Tamor Lake at the CNP.

Nine rhinos washed away to India last year were rescued and brought back to the CNP earlier. It is learnt that two rhinos swept to India are still at Balmiki Tiger Reserve in India. “We have written to the Indian Embassy through the Foreign Ministry to initiate the rescue process,” Dhakal said. The response, however, is yet to come. According to the latest data, CNP has as many 605 one-horned rhinos.