SAPTARI: As many as 250 households of Musahar community in Kodarkatti of Ramnagar VDC-3 in Saptari district depend on one dilapidated tube well for the drinking water. The tube well was established 15 years ago. According to local Ram Bihari Sada, local leader Kisun Sada had constructed the tube well while he was Vice-Chairman of the VDC then. Another local Jiralal Sada said, the well was enough to serve fewer people then. “But, the facility is not sufficient for today’s larger population in the community,” he added. Locals, hence, are forced to fetch water from other farther places, the man said. Four to five water spouts should be installed in the community, Sada demanded. Most of the Musahar people here do not own any land for livelihood and the water crisis added to their daily troubles. Mostly women suffer the shortage as they have to wait for the evening time for bath as men occupy the tube well during the day time, informed local Indu Devi Sada.   Photo Caption: Musahar People fetching water from the tube well that they have in their community in Kodarkatti of Ramnagar VDC-3 in Saptari on Monday, July 27, 2015.