Water crisis hits school kids hard in Ramechhap

Ramechhap, November 29

The unavailability of toilet services due to water crunch has prompted many school kids in Ramechhap to quit classes.

A large number of schools in the district do not have toilets due to dearth of water. So, school children have no option but to rush home to address nature’s call leaving their class midway.

Hundreds of students are at the receiving end as many of them don’t return to school after they go home to relieve themselves.

Water crunch surfaced in Ramechhap after local water sources started to turn dry with the onset of dry season.

Meanwhile, some schools have toilets but they are useless due to water crunch. “As school toilets have been rendered useless due to water crunch, we have no option but to go home in case we need to use the toilet,” regretted Shiva Karki, a student of Pakarbas-based Prayageshwor H S School.

“The school also does not have proper drinking water facility,” added Karki. The school administration said they were unable to manage water as there are no water sources nearby.

“At least 10 to 12 students leave school after some hours on a daily basis seeking toilet facility and they don’t return,” said Naba Raj Puri, of Puranagaun Secondary School.

Though the District Education Office allocates budget for construction of toilets to a few schools every year, the rest rooms remain unused due to water crisis.

Chandreshwor Yadav, head teacher at Bangesalla Secondary School, Puranagaun, said, “Though we have constructed toilets at the school, the students cannot use them due the lack of water.”