Water shortage hits Halesi Tuwachung folks hard

Khotang, February 10

Locals at Halesi Tuwachung Municipality are facing an acute water shortage after water sources dried up in Khotang.

Bahunidanda, Jhapa, Thumka, Dhikerbot, Pakamche, Chukham, among other places, are reeling under acute shortage after wells went dry in the municipality.

Local Ganesh Rai complained that the people were experiencing difficulties after wells at Dharapung Padhero and Panerikhola dried up after the 2015 earthquakes.

More than 85 families are facing drinking water crunch after the drinking water supplied through pipe at Bhumjudanda dried up. Locals lack water for drinking, washing clothes, bathing and feeding livestock. “We are in a critical situation. We have no water here in the village and we cannot leave the village as we have no option”, Rai bemoaned. “What can we do with one pitcher of water each in the morning and at night?” Rai questioned.

New mothers and children are the worst hit by the water crunch.

Dudhkoshi River flows below the village. Haleshi Tuwachung Municiplaity-1 Bahunidada ward chair Rudra Rai said water scarcity would reduce agricultural production and that would add to the woes of locals.

People from these places walk a kilometer down to Kainjal Khola to fetch water from the well. They have to wait for hours to a pitcher with water. Some youths from Niglam have started ferrying water in tractor from Beta khola to distribute in the village.

A tractor ferries six drums of water taking a huge risk. During a wedding party around Rs 10,000 goes to the water bills in the village.  Local Ganesh Rai said that they had started ferrying water in tractor after water sources dried up. “A liter of water costs Rs 1 and one drum of water costs Rs 250,” Rai added.

Meanwhile, locals have appealed to the municipality to address the water crisis in the village. They have requested the municipality to solve their water woes pronto. Mayor Iwan Rai said  preparation was on to purchase a tanker to ferry water for the locals. District Disaster Rescue Committee Khotang had declared Bahunidanda, Mahadevsthan, Durchhim, Mangaltar, Badahare, Chyasmitar amnd Dikuwa dry-hit zone six years ago after the water sources dried up in those places.