Water shortage hits Rina bazaar

Bajura, October 25

Rina bazaar in Bajura has been reeling under acute shortage of water for the past two years.

The bazaar folks have been hit the hardest by the water crisis after the water source was swept away in a landslide two years ago. However, the concerned authorities have taken no initiative to rid the locals of water crisis. More than one hundred traders and locals have been residing in the bazaar.

There is a single tap in the entire marketplace. People queue from early morning for 10 litres of water, said Kul Bahadur Shah, a local. “We never faced water shortage before the source was swept in a landslide,” regretted Shah.

According to him, all the locals fetch water from a single tap in the area. “Bushiganga river is too far from here. But then we can’t drink water from the open source either. Water flow in the tap has dropped due to the drought,” lamented Shah.

Junga Nepali of the locality said prolonged water crisis had made life difficult for the locals. He said the authorities had taken no initiative to rid them of the water crisis so far.