Water Supply Corporation blamed for jaundice outbreak

Rabi Dahal

Birgunj, April 23:

Jaundice has broken out in Birta, Kumhal Tole, Gahawa, Sripur, Panitanki, and Reshamkothi. Doctors attending to the patients have warned that the situation could worsen if prompt action is not taken to curb the outbreak. Dr Shyam Sundar Das of the Narayani Sub-regional Hospital said water pollution was responsible for the outbreak. People say that the situation arose because the Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NWSC) didn’t take measures to ensure that water supply by it was safe for drinking. However, the NWSC-Birgunj chief, Govinda Gautam, said the water distributed by the NWSC was absolutely safe. “The problem might have arisen due to leakage of sewage in water pipelines.” He said the NWSC was using bleaching powder to purify water.

The Birgunj Submetropolis has installed a public hand pump to ensure the supply of potable water. Doctors said that consumers drinking water without boiling it are suffering from jaundice. They said the people drinking water drawn by using hand pumps have not been affected by the disease. Dr Das told this daily that arsenic-free underground water is safe for drinking. Lab Amatya, who has been providing free Ayurbedic treatment to the jaundice patients at Birta Tole, said the disease had spread in over a dozen households. Doctors have asked the locals to drink boiled water, as it is free from harmful bacteria.