Water supply in Bidur disrupted

Nuwakot, May 12:

Water supply in Bidur Municipality has been disrupted for the past three days. A crack in the the main pipeline supplying the water is said to be the reason for the disruption. After water failed to reach homes for three consecutive days, nearly 2,000 families of Bidur, Dhunge, Battar and Inarpari areas are in a state of panic.

According to the Bidur water supply consumers committee, the water supply pipes that come from from Falankhu Khola to Bidur have developed cracks.

Though the cracked pipes were repaired in two places near Gerkhu Khola yesterday, another crack appeared at Betrabati the same evening, technician Dev Narayan Chitrakar of the committee said.

The water supply lines, which are 18 years old, have gathered rust at many places. The pipelines will be repaired and water supply will resume tomorrow, the committee said.