Water taps bring joy in Kaski

Saimarang, December 30

The installation of a water tap at her house has changed the life of 30-year-old Jyoti Gurung of Baraldanda, Saimarang.

“Earlier, I had to fight my way into filling the pitcher at the tap located minutes away from my home. But installation of water tap at my house has spared me the hassle,” said Jyoti, adding that she has started vegetable and goat farming after the tap was installed. She said availability of drinking water at her doorstep had somehow helped increase her income lately.

Similarly, Sabita Pariyar of the same village shared her experience. “Earlier, it used to be a herculean task to fetch water, especially during menstruation. But now that there is a tap at my home, I don’t have to suffer,” she said.

Some 56 families of Gurung and Dalit communities of Saimarang-8 and 9 have been benefited by the success of Baraldanda Drinking Water and Sanitation project built with the financial support of Rs 7.3 million from Unica Foundation, Netherlands, Nepal Red Cross Society, and locals.

The project was formally inaugurated by Unica Foundation Nepal Country Director Ramesh Poudel. “There were just seven to eight taps for the entire village and water was distributed for just two hours in the morning and evening. Now that we have enough water at our homes, we are freed of all the hassles,” said Shanti Chhetri.