Water Tariff Fixation panel law promulgated

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 25:

The government today announced that it has decided to set up Drinking Water Tariff Fixation Commission (DWTFC) to ensure better drinking water and sanitation service. On this regard the government today published that it promulgated the Drinking Water Tariff Fixation Commission Ordinance 2005. The preamble of the Ordinance states that the DWTFC would work to provide service to the consumer of the drinking water and sanitation. The Commission would provide the drinking water service by processing water from pond, river, and stone-spout, stream and others and also fix the tariff of sanitation service. As per the section 5 of the Ordinance, the Commission will act as an autonomous body which will fix the tariff of the drinking water, set up necessary procedure for the people to approach the Commission, fix the quality of the service of drinking water and sanitation, settle dispute between the service provider and the consumer, make public the details regarding the service, fix the standard of the tariff and to implement and provide the advice and recommendation on drinking water and sanitation services.