Water woes leave locals in Dharan high and dry

Dharan, April 22

Dharan Sub Metropolitan City is reeling under water crisis due to depletion of water sources at Sardu, Khardu and Tamakham.

Staffers at Nepal Water Corporation Dharan Office said they were hardly able to mange 13,000,000 litres of water,

although the sub metropolis required 20,000,000 litres each day.

Acting Chief and Account Officer at Drinking Water Corporation Dharan Dinesh Chimariya said his office was supplying water to 19,000 consumers on alternative days for three hours each day.

Meanwhile, the Drinking Water Project of Integrated Urban Development Project funded by Asian Development Bank is set to supply water to all parts of Ward No 17 and some parts of Ward No 11 from Bishnu Chowk. The project, expected to complete by July 2017, has set the target to provide water to Dharan residents round-the-clock.

As a part of the project, Drinking Water Corporation was supposed to be merged with Dharan Drinking Water Board last year. Dharan Sub Metropolis had formed the drinking water board aiming to use the tariffs collected from the water distribution in the ongoing project. However, no initiative towards the merger has taken place.