Ways to tame Koshi discussed

ITAHARI: Two local administration teams of Nepal and India recently discussed preventive measures to check possible damage by the Koshi River.

The meeting held in Sunsari’s Dharan has agreed to take measures to contain the damage through a mutual understanding, said Hari Krishna Upadhyay, Chief District Officer of Sunsari, who led the Nepali team in the meeting. The Indian team was led by Supoul District Magistrate Kumar Ami of Bihar state.

The meeting also agreed to find an immediate solution through bilateral discussion if any problem is seen on the eastern Koshi embankment and barrage, said Upadhyay. Reconstruction and repair of Koshi barrage, western embankment at Kushwaha, which were washed away by the river recently, and the spurs, on which the river has been exerting pressure, also featured in the talks.

The meeting also discussed ways to reduce the risk of inundation in Palthegaunda. Meanwhile, Biratnagar office of Water-induced Disaster Control said repair of the spurs in Palthegaunda had begun.