Low-pressure likely to bring rain in eastern Nepal

KATHMANDU: The effect of low-pressure system that has developed up to a point of 1.5 kilometres from the surface has brought about a sudden change in the weather in Nepal also.

According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, especially eastern and central regions of the country, consequently, will witness cloudy conditions.

The hilly areas of eastern and central region will see generally cloudy conditions while the Tarai belt in eastern and far-western region will witness foggy weather, according to the MFD.

Meteorologist at the Division, Shanti Kandel, said the weather had turned cold throughout the country including the Kathmandu Valley due to cloudy conditions.

She said although the minimum temperature had increased with the cloudy weather, the maximum temperature decreased, leading to decrease in the temperature.

Meanwhile, some places of the eastern hilly region are likely to get intermittent rain towards the afternoon.

It is said this condition will continue for one or two more days.

The minimum temperature in Kathmandu was 9.5 °C and the maximum 22.4°C.