Meteorological Forecasting Division's weather forecast bulletin has stated that westerly wind is likely to cause rainfall and snowfall in upper hilly and mountainous belt across the country today.

It informed that weather at few regions of Sudur Pashchim, Karnali and Lumbini Provinces are partly to generally cloudy, at present, while other hilly regions are partly cloudy with remaining regions fair today.

There is a chance of light rain at few places of the hilly region in Province 1 with chances of light snowfall at some locations of the high mountainous region. Similarly, Province 1 and Gandaki Province have chances of receiving light rain tonight with a probability of light snowfall at some places of the high mountainous region.

According to MFD, the chances of heavy rain is low because the present weather system has less moisture-laden wind.

Moreover, MFD statistics show that the lowest minimum temperature today is recorded in Jumla at -2.5 degrees Celsius, while minimum temperature in Dadeldhura is 6.9 degrees Celsius and that in Kathmandu is 7.5 degrees Celsius.