Where Internet costs Rs 1,200 an hour

Manang, May 22:

In Kathmandu, cyber cafes offer internet services for as low as Rs 5 per hour. Most of you may wonder if anybody says Internet use costs Rs 300 per hour. And, that too is the rate only for Nepalis. Foreigners need to pay Rs 1,200 per hour. This is a story of a village in the remote Manang district.

A cyber cafe run by Yeti Hotel in Manang Gaun, which lies along the Annapurna circular trekking route, offers Internet services in the village. But, an average Nepali cannot even imagine of using the Internet here where Nepali nationals are charged Rs 300 per hour and foreigners Rs 1,200 for using the Internet.

“As the Internet is based on satellite technology, the rate is high,” proprietor of the café, Binod Gurung said.

However the cost of Internet use in Chame, the district headquarters is relatively. Students and youths in Chame, are yet to know much about the computers and Internet. But with access to a relatively cheaper Internet facility, they are now gradually learning how to use computer and Internet and e-mail services.

Students are particularly eager to learn the use of Internet and email services as the Internet is a virtual library for all kinds of information.

Ramita Shrestha, a twelve grader, can be found hanging in the Internet nowadays at the Y2K Cyber in Chame. She said the Internet has helped her know more about the world and get connected with people from around the world.

“I have recently registered my e-mail address in Yahoo.com,” she said, adding, “I get connected with my friends through Yahoo messenger.”

Meen Jung Gurung had opened the Cyber with six computers some seven months ago. His Cyber has made it very easy for the students here willing to learn about computer and the Internet.

“The Internet service here is based on STM technology,” Gurung said, adding, “I charge Rs 2 per minute for Nepalis and Rs 10 for foreigners for using the Internet.”

“My friend Sangita Ghale had to go to Baglung to learn about how to use computer and the Internet, as there was no computer in Chame in the past. But I am learning it here now,” Ramita said, adding, “If I learn computer and Internet now, it would be easy for me to carry out computer based works in future.”

Ramita, along with her eight friends, are currently learning how to use Internet and Typeshala

these days Y2K Cyber.

Most of them are students of Chame-based Lokpriya Higher Secondary School.

“I know how to send e-mail,” Ramita said, adding, “I am also planning to learn Nepali typing.” Chame and Manang Gaun lie under the Annapurna circular trekking route.