Whoever can win confidence of all should lead govt: Dahal

DHANGADHI: CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said a national consensus government should be formed in the leadership of one who can win confidence of all in order to solve the current political stalemate.

Speaking at a press meet in Dhangadhi of Kailali on Saturday, Dahal, however, added that he would be ready to take the responsibility if a consensus was reached on his name. But, if some other could forge consensus, the party would readily accept other names as well, the former prime minister said.

He claimed that parties have forged an agreement to form a national consensus government after endorsement of the budget announcement at the House.

The Maoist leader, however, maintained that his party would not do any activity to topple a majority government to pave the way for the similar one.

Dahal, meanwhile, said that his party wanted to solve the problems with Madhesi and other protesting parties through talks.

Dahal was in the far-western city to facilitate a cadre training programme which began today in Dhangadhi.