Wild animals troubling villagers

Taplejung, September 13:

People of Kalikhola, Sedewa and Surukhim VDCs in Taplejung district have been compelled to stay awake at night to prevent wild animals from damaging their crops.

Unlike in the past, they do not trap wild animals because they are now aware of the need to protect these animals.

“We stay awake at night to chase wild animals and protect our crops,” Balaram Rai, a farmer of Kalikhola-5, said, adding that locals are protecting their crops by lighting fires in all four corners of their fields. Farmers said they also blow whistles to chase wild animals.

“Killing of animals has decreased because organisations, including the Kanchangunja Conservation Area, have been educating locals about the need to protect wild animals,” a local, Dik Bahadur Baniya, said. Wild animals, including musk deer and black bear, frequent fields and devour crops.