Wild tuskers terrorise locals in Jhapa

Jhapa, February 15

Locals of Sanokerkha have been left terrified after some wild elephants entered settlement areas and destroyed houses and crops at Kamal Rural Municipality in Jhapa.

Wild tuskers entered settlement areas some 20 days ago and started demolishing houses, sheds, destroyed food grains and even attacked people.

The locals are forced to spend sleepless nights since wild tuskers entered the villages.

Villagers said they were spending the nights in fear thinking that wild elephants might attack them and their property anytime.

A local, Bhim Chapagain, said villagers demanded crackers, road lights and sirens, among other materials, from the rural municipality to chase the elephants, but in vain. Another local, Sita Bhandari, said elephants entered the houses and broke cupboards, TV and fridge, among other materials, besides eating food grains.

She added villagers were living in constant fear for the past two weeks, but the authority concerned had yet to take initiative to resolve the problem.

Wild tuskers destroyed houses of Karna Bahadur Bohora, Himal Bhandari, Bhim Chapagain and Harka Bahadur Bohora. The locals said the rural municipality did nothing though the wild elephants rampaged through the locality.