Wildfire raging in the national forest along the East-West Highway in Rautahat has affected human life and destroyed natural flora and fauna.

As the wildfire rages on, it has polluted the atmosphere, increasing health hazards for people in the district. Most of them have complained of irritation and other problems in their eyes due to the air mixed with toxic smoke.

Infernos have been reported in places near the Division Forest Office of Rautahat, including Gaidatar, Dhansar and Chandrapur.

Rautahat has a total of 29,400 hectares of forest, and most of it is in the grip of wildfire. It has destroyed flora and fauna.

In view of the inferno raging on, locals have asked the authorities concerned to launch media awareness campaign to prevent such incidents in future.

Besides, there are demands that fire brigades be kept at the Division Forest Office and the population residing near the forest be trained to douse fires.

The Division Forest Office has said attempts to control the fire have been hampered by winds. It has also asked locals for their help to stop the wildfire.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 28, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.