Wildlife trader sent to Chitwan

Kathmandu, September 8:

Gyalbo Gurung, a notorious trader of rhino horns, who was arrested in Kathmandu last week, has now been taken to Chitwan for trial, the WWF Nepal said.

“The noted wildlife trader, who is linked to over 25 rhino deaths and also associated with recent poaching of six rhinos in Chitwan National Park, was recently nabbed by concerned officials,” said a WWF Nepal officer.

Gurung, a resident of Gorkha district had been trading rhino horns in the capital Kathmandu.

WWF Nepal sources revealed that Gurung had bought two rhino horns for Rs 450,000 from Surendra Syangden, currently incarcerated for rhino poaching.

“Gurung could have sold a single rhino horn on the international market for as much as $30,000,” the official said, adding that Gurung’s arrest is significant because it will break the links in his trade network.