Will work 10 years for prosperity and depart, says NCP Co-chair Dahal

Chitwan, January 9

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said that he wanted to work ten years for the country’s prosperity and take ultimate rest.

Inaugurating Chitwan festival in Narayangadh, Dahal stressed the need to work for prosperity, development and national unity of the country. “I have plans to work for ten years for the country’s prosperity and take rest forever,” Dahal added. He said Chitwan and Nepal could be developed as models if he received   support and cooperation from all and sundry.

Dahal opined that the communist party would have no meaning if it failed to make the country prosperous and rich. “People’s life standard has to improve. People have to become affluent. And communists have to play a lead role in accomplish these,” Dahal stated.

Stating that prosperity was not possible from the government’s effort alone, Dahal argued that participation of the private sector was a must to accomplish the goals of prosperity and development. “Private and public sector should have close relationship to usher in development and prosperity,” he highlighted.

Dahal said the only challenge they were facing at present was to implement policies and plans and realise the goals they had set.  “The problem we face at the moment is to usher in change in such a way that people feel it,” Dahal noted.

Dahal said political parties were just a means to serve the people and country with sincerity.