LAMAHI: Innocent women in the rural hinterlands of Nepal continue to live in the Hobsian state of nature, suffering injustices at the hands of brutish men.
On Thursday night, Rupani Chaudhari, 40 of Tikulgadhi Sonapur VDC-5 was thrashed by a group of youths accusing her of practicing witchery. The youths also attempted forcing her to eat human excreta.
A group of youths, wielding Khukuri and spears in their hands, led by one Sanjaya Chaudhari, thrashed Rupani and attempted to put human excreta in her mouth, eyewitnesses accounts and the victim said.
Believing Rupani as a witch, Sanjaya held her responsible for inflicting his wife with illness.
According to victim Rupani, tipsy youths with sharp weapons attacked her on Thursday night alleging her of practicing witchery.
‘’ They showed me Khukuri and forced me to admit that Chaudhari’s wife had become sick due to my witchery,’’ She said.
She lamented that neither her husband nor her children could utter a word. “Can’t I get justice?” she asked.
Police, meantime, detained Bharat Chaudhari, Yadav Chaudhari, Santosh Chaudhari, Hiralal Chaudhari and Top Bahadur Rawat in connection with the incident. However, the accused denied their involvement.
Police had apologised with Ruani for the gruesome incident. Meanwhile, police inspector Haridas Shrestha informed they freed all the detainee after they promised not to repeat suck mistake again.